B.O.B. Desk Organizer – 3D Printed in Nelson B.C.

“I designed the B.O.B. (Big Orange Bridge) Desk organizer to add some order to my workspace, and to remind me to get outside.” – Peter 


Nelson BC’s iconic “Big Orange Bridge” is perhaps the only landmark nearby, which I see as a testament to how natural the area is. This is the perfect gift for students studying abroad, to remind them of home, or for fans of the city who want to take a little piece home with them.


The B.O.B. Desk Organizer is designed to hold 4x USB flash drives, 3x pens or pencils, and 5x SD cards up top. Down below, the pens are supported in the water with a ripple design to prevent slippage or ink from spilling. The top has been modified to feature peace signs within the design, and pleasantly rolling waves below.


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